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Organ On A Chip Research Paper

Multi-organ-on-chip approach in cancer research. Agnieszka Zuchowska, Sandra Skorupska Open Access December 31, 2022. Towards spatially-organized organs-on-chip: Photopatterning cell-laden thiol-ene and methacryloyl hydrogels in a microfluidic device. Jennifer E. Ortiz-Cárdenas, Jonathan M. Zatorski and 5 more Open Access December 31, 2022

  • An organ-on-a-chip (OOC) is a multi-channel 3-D microfluidic cell culture, integrated circuit (chip) that simulates the activities, mechanics and physiological response of an entire organ or an organ system, a type of artificial organ. It constitutes the subject matter of significant biomedical engineering research, more precisely in bio-MEMS. The convergence of labs-on-chips (LOCs) and cell biology has permitted the study of human physiology in an organ-specific context, introducing a novel model of in vitro multicellular human organisms. One day, they will perhaps abolish the need for animals in drug development and toxin testing.

  • Organ-on-a-chip, a biomimetic microfluidic platform, simulating the complexity of a human organ, has emerged as a breakthrough in cancer research as it provides a dynamic platform to simulate tumor growth and progression in a chip. This paper aims at giving an overview of microfluidics and organ-on-a-chip technology incorporating their.

  • The current applications of microfluidics and organ-on-a-chip in the field of cancer research have been copiously discussed integrating the major application areas such as the isolation of CTCs, studying the cancer cell phenotype as well as metastasis, replicating TME in organ-on-a-chip and drug development.

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